Profile Alumni

Graduates of Bidan Education Prodi have two alumni containers, namely Ikatan Alumni (IKA) of Airlangga University and the alumni association at Prodi level is Midwifery Alumni Association (Ikawary) .Ikawary is initiated by the first graduate of Prodi Pendidikan Bidan. This alumni association was formed one month after graduation / inauguration precisely on November 10, 2011 and has been approved by the Head of Study Program. Four years later, on June 18, 2015, there was a change of board with the issuance of Decree No 259 / UN3.1.1 / KD / 2015.

Examples of alumni’s contribution to the academic activities that have been done are the contribution of textbooks of midwifery delivered directly to the prodi since 2011 until now and the involvement of alumni at various events either by Prodi or by the Student Association of Midwives (Himawary).

Based on the results of tracer study in 2016, obtained some achievements of alumni of Midwifery Education Program (PSPB). Achievement is divided into the scope of midwifery and outside the scope of midwifery.

  1. In the midwifery scope
  2. Research Member Lecturers Simlitabmas (Information Systems Research and Community Service) 2013
  3. Head of Research Beginner Lecturer Simlitabmas (Information Systems Research and Community Service) 2014
  4. Chairman of LP2M (Institute for Research and Community Service) Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang
  5. Chairman of Quality Guard Poltekes Semarang 2013-2014
  6. Student Counselor Prodi D3 Midwifery Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang
  7. Head of Sub-Division of Career Development of D3 Midwifery Program of Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang
  8. Australian Award Scholarship Recipient 2014
  9. Vice Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Students – Australian Branch Flinders University
  10. Member of the Sports and Culture Division of the Australian Students Association Australia Branch Australia 2015-2016
  11. Champion 1 Position Patient Safety Contest
  12. Kapgri Prodi D3 Midwifery STIKES Aisyah Bandung
  13. Oral Presentation Proceeding of S1 Research at NERS International Program of Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto
  14. Person in charge of quality of midwifery service
  15. Members of the Ethics and Professional Discipline Sub-Committee
  16. PPI Team (Infection Prevention and Control) PT Freeport Indonesia Hospital
  17. IPCN (Infection Prevention Control Nurse) Team PT Freeport Indonesia Hospital
  18. Members of the Working Group on HIV / AIDS PT Freeport Indonesia Hospital
  19. Midwife Supervisor PT Freeport Indonesia Hospital
  20. Members of the Nursing Committee
  21. Member of Accreditation Team of RS
  22. Research on DIKTI Research Grants
  23. Representative Midwife representatives from Puskesmas
  24. The research team for DIKTI beginner lecturer scheme in 2014
  25. The research team with grants from Mercubaktijaya Padang Foundation in 2015
  26. Author of obstetrics book of 2016
  27. Coordinator 1 Academic Affairs Prodi D-III Midwifery Samarinda
  28. Secretary of the Organizing Committee of National and International Scale Events
  29. Representative of Professional Organizations to Participate in International Conferences Midwives In Malaysia
  30. Midwifery Update Editor Module Team
  31. Secretary of Scientific Journal of Midwives
  32. Chairman of the institution in submission of grant proposal for establishment of career center to Kemenristekdikti and pass the selection of grants in April 2016
  33. Coordinator of research and community service at Sismadi Midwifery Academy Jakarta
  34. Pass the selection as an oral presentator of scientific publications at the Annual International Scientific Meeting of Midwives at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel Jakarta October 2015
  35. Secretary of the southern branch of IBI Surabaya
  36. Member Pencerah Nusantara
  37. Deputy Director (Wadir) I College of Health Sciences (Stikes)
  38. Local Supervisors Competency Test (Ukom) D III Midwifery Regional Jember
  39. Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Nursing Committee
  40. PMDSU Recipients (Master’s Degree Toward a Doctorate for Excellence) batch 2 years 2015
  41. Clinical Mentor Infection Prevention And Control Link Nurse at Mitra Keluarga Kenjeran
  42. Champion 1 exemple midwife RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya
  43. Best oral presenter 7th International nursing conference “Global Nursing Challenges in The Free Trade Era 2016”
  44. Management of the Indonesian Young Health Professionals Society
  45. Nusantara Sehat Member
  46. Companion in Movement of Pregnant Women and Healthy Children (GELIAT) Airlangga University
  47. Pencerah Nusantara Trainer (PN)
  48. Chevening scholarship recipient
  49. Contributors of Pocket Books of Maternal Health Services at Basic and Referred Health Facilities
  50. Compilation Team of Indonesian Midwifery Education Standards
  51. Compilation Team of the National Midwifery OSCE Manual
  52. Receiver of IPTEKDOK 2016 Grant Receiver
  53. Recipients of Australia Award Felowship 2014 and 2017
  54. Beyond the scope of midwifery
  55. Managed Village Program managers work together Rumah Zakat and Perusahaan Gas Negara
  56. Group Competition read ramadhan RS as Surabaya 2014
  57. Champion 2 Soyjoy Diabetic Competition
  58. The overall champion of Yosakoi 2014 festival held by the Consulate General of Japan
  59. Champion 1 dance competition at provincial level
  60. Champion 1 teen model Warning of Surabaya 2014 Anniversary