As an effort to support the learning process, Midwife Education Program facilitates the availability of scholarships for students who need and meet the requirements.

The educational scholarships are available from both internal and external UNAIR, both government and private. The scholarships include DIKTI, BUMN, IKOMA, PPA, BBP-PPA, MISI, MALA, State or private, Corporate Social Responsibility Corporater, and other types of educational support.

Students get scholarship information from the Student Affairs Sub Division, as well as from student organizations. Students intending to arrange a scholarship may collect the requirements file to the Student Affairs Sub-section FK UNAIR. If there is a scholarship available, the Student Affairs Subdivision will contact the student concerned to follow up the submitted file. After the decision of the rectorate, the Student Affairs Sub-Division will coordinate with the Secretariat of the Midwifery Education Program related to follow-up, as well as the process of monitoring and evaluation of the scholarship recipients. This is in accordance with the UNAIR AIMS Procedure Manual (PP-UNAIR-KMS-01-01) on undergraduate and diploma scholarship services, where the scholarship recipients will go through several selection and evaluation processes from the Faculty Leaders.

It is expected that this scholarship service can help smooth the study of students and realize the distribution of quality education for all circles.